Most relaxing places to live

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Want to know the most relaxing places to live when it's time to put the work coat on the wall and retire? Let's be honest, we have all thought once or twice about where we would like to settle down after the kids leave the nest. While people vary with likes and preferences, there are ten places that are the most popular places to relax.
-Honolulu, Hawaii
-Beaufort, South Carolina
-Fort Myers, Florida
-San Diego, California
-Venice, Florida
-Santa Fe, New Mexico
-Portland, Oregon
-St. George, Utah
-Madison Wisconsin
-Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Are you stressed?

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Pay the bills. Walk the dog. Take the kids to school. Finish your project at work. Cook dinner. Clean the house. Do the laundry. Buy those gifts for that birthday coming up. Take care of the yard and garden. Buy a new home? These are but a few of life's crazy events we face every day. Are you handling the stress from being a grown adult and dealing with all the curve balls life throws your way? Over 50% of Americans say they are concerned with the amount of stress in their lives. What are you doing to handle the stress?

Are you an animal owner?

Animal lover? Having animals in your home may be one of your priorities and finding a place to allow your animals inside may be another thing, especially if you are renting. Every state/county has its own rules and laws on animals and the care that is needed to have certain animals inside the home. If you are a renter, it is often difficult to find a place that allows you to have pets inside. There are however places that will allow you to do so with certain stipulations. Be honest and upfront on any pet you may have. Lying about having pets will only make matters worse, especially if it is not allowed to have pets inside. Don't play with this fire! Be honest and you'll find a place that will accommodate your needs!

Shop for brokers’ fees

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If you've ever been involved with real estate and used a broker you are familiar with the fees they charge you to use them. The thing about these fees is that when you talk to a broker he makes it sound like these “fees” you have to pay for are set in stone and universal with every broker out there. The fact of the matter is that this is not the case. Each broker sets his own fees and decides how much he will charge. When looking for a broker, ask about the fees he charges and shop around for other. These fees go straight in to their pocket and if they really want your business they can lower their fees to find a reasonable price for the both of you.

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